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Apple reportedly launching streaming early 2013

Apple are finally looking to enter the streaming music marketplace with a Pandora-style service. Bloomberg has reported that the company has set a goal of launching a streaming radio service in the first quarter of 2013.

According to the report, the deal could be complete as soon as mid-November, with ad revenue sharing being a primary point of discussion at the moment.

It is rumored apple is negotiating for include auto-generated playlists of what listeners have heard and the ability to buy tracks as music streams.

Stay tuned for more news on this service.

Via: The Verge

Post Office may start mobile network

The Post Office is reported to be in talks with major UK networks as it is getting an idea of starting its own mobile network. If this plan is a go ahead the postal service will be selling SIM cards, data, minutes, texts and even phones, same as other mobile network operators such as Virgin Media. Virgin uses everything everywhere’s network infrastructure.

An ‘industry source’ told Mobile Today, “The Post Office has sent out a Request for Information to interested parties to help it decide what form the MVNO should take.

If the post office gets it own mobile network, it won’t be alone – the national post offices in Brazil, Portugal, France and Ireland all run MVNOs as well.

From: TechRadar

Google Maps adds new high resolution image for London 2012

Google Maps has increased the number of locations that have been upgraded with the new high resolution satellite imagery and one of the locations is London’s Olympic Park.

In a post on the Google Lat Long blog, the company says “the aerial, satellite and 45 degree imagery has been upgraded in 25 cities and in 75 countries and regions around the world”.

These upgrades are visible in both Google Maps and Google Earth.

The blog posted last week says: “We’ll start in the United Kingdom, where the London 2012 Olympic Games opens this Friday. We’ve released new satellite imagery taken this past May of the Olympic Park and Village.
“In the image above, you can see the final construction touches being added to the open-air Olympic Stadium (lower right).”

Stay tuned for more updates.

Google Introduces Handwriting Search

Google has added an option to its iOS or Android touch screen devices that allow users to physically write a search query on the screen, rather than typing it on the keyboard.

To activate this feature the user will need to go on in their mobile browser, hit settings and enable handwriting search. Once you have activated this from the setting, now you can go back to the google homepage, tap on the little ‘g’ in the bottom right hand corner and they’re ready to use the feature.

iTunes U updated to allow unverified courses

An update to the iTunes U app has brought a number of improvements and ability for unverified teachers to create private courses.

A teacher can now sidestep Apple’s verification process when creating a private course, but it won’t appear in the main iTunes U collection. The limit for each teacher is 12 courses with up to 50 students each and a total size of 20GB.

Teacher will still need to gain verification to release their courses to the public and available to all people.

Via: Techradar

Apple Release OS X Mountain Lion System Upgrade

Apple have announced in there third quarter earnings release that the latest version of its Mac operation system will be released on Wednesday.

OS X Mountain Lion makes it easier to share material to social networks and also introduces a notification panel similar to the ones on smartphones.

Apple first announced the latest update to there operating system in February. The update will come to there desktops and laptops. The new operating system will feature the iCloud internet storage service; the introduction of the iMessage service allowing messaging between the Macbook, iMacs, iPod, iPad and iPhones.

Brian Blau a research director at tech research firm Gartner said, “There are a lot of new feature but this is not a major upgrade like the last version of Lion was.”

Stay tuned for more updates about the new OS X.

Via: BBC News

Youtube Encourages Users To Use Real Names

Youtube is encouraging users to post comments and videos under their real names instead of kooky internet monickers. This is put in place to prevent users from comment trolling. Trolling is a place where moral and manners are not taken in to account, and users go around leaving hurtful comments on peoples videos.

To use your real name the user has to link there youtube account to google account. As this an option chosen by the user the trollers may not choose this option and carry on using there username.

Will youtube & google have to take this further than just linking accounts, stay tuned for more updates.

Via: Techradar

T3 Awards Opening With iPhone 4s VS Samsung Galaxy S3

Voting has opened for the T3 Awards 2012, with the shortlinsts finally revealed and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs the Apple iPhone 4S for two of the key gongs.

Th awards sponsored by Qualcomm and run by Techradar’s publisher Future heave established as a tentpole even in the British tech calendar, attracting nearly a million reader votes last year.

Techradar will be sponsoring the mobile phone category, and will oversee a battle as the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 face off against the iPhone 4S, the Sony Xperia S and Nokia Lumia 900.

The Galaxy S3 and iPhone are also both named in the marquee gadget of the Year award.

T3 Editor, Luke Peters, says: “With almost one million reader votes cast last year and the support of a hand-picked panel of tech experts, the T3 Gadget Awards truly recognise the greats in the technology world.” “With a fantastically varied shortlist of products and manufacturers, this year’s Awards look set to be one of the most hotly contested we’ve ever seen.”

You can check out the shortlist and cast your votes at:

Is this a fair competition, let us know below.

Via: Techradar

Instagram Coming To Web

A web designer has spotted a link that allows users to view peoples profiles online instead of just on mobile devices.

There is not much you can do on the instagram online website, you can only download the iPhone, Android apps and you can change your account details.

This app allows people to see a feed of new photos and view the profile pages of users they follow. These photos can be views via direct web links, but members can not view their profile pages or browse photos on the computer at the moment via the website.

Qantas Equip Planes With iPad

Australian airline Qantas will include the iPad for their in-flight entertainment systems. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2012, selected Boeing 767 planes will include an iPad in every seat. Qantus will give customers streaming access to 200 hours of audio and television, using an in-flight wireless system it’s been testing since early this year.

Via: The Verge

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