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PlayStation 3 gets YouTube app

The PS3 now has an official Youtube app which should make watching videos on the console much less painful experience. Although you could access YouTube through the PS3 browser, the app comes with an improved instant search. The app also allows you to sign in to your YouTube account, this means that you can look at your subscribed channels.

This app also allows the user to pair their iOS and Android devices to the app, allowing to use your mobile device and table as a remote control instead of using the PS3 controller.

The far easier process means that you can find the video you want on your phone and tap a button to play it on the TV screen.

The free app is currently in the PlayStation Store under ‘My Channels’ in North America.

The app is not currently available in other countries but google are soon going to be bring out the app for the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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