We have taken the old enclosed photo booth design and have condensed it into our very own digital photo booth known as the MRB Mobile Booth! No more cramming into a tight enclosed space. Our open photo booth design allows for big group of guests to take a series of photos and show more than just their faces.

Cebu Photobooth

We just started our photo booth business on the 25th of July 2012 and we launched it on the same day of my daughters' first birthday, Alafiah. So, what is inside the MRB Mobile Photobooth? We're using a DSLR Camera to ensure that your photos are in good shot and to provide high quality images, equipped with a professional two (2) studio continuous lightning (45 watts) that strike more lights to the subjects. Guests have full control of the photo session. They first choose if they want a Colored or Black and White photo prints from our 17” LCD monitor. A live view of your guests is then shown on the screen so they can strike a pose with our fun props! A series of shots are then taken within 10 seconds of each sequence. Finally, our photo printer prints in approximately less than a minute from our newest dye sublimation printer. The printed photos come out dry and free to touch. They are rated to last for 100 years and are water proof!

If you’ve seen our gallery, then you’ve probably noticed the simple set-up of our photobooth that makes it easier to assemble during the event. That’s our signature design which separates us from other photo booths. We set-up 30 minutes before the event, so no worry about the time, we will manage the time during the event.

Check out our other pages to find out more about the MRB Photobooth! Also please check out our FAQ page!>>>>

MRB Photobooth is the best, that’s what our customers say and we’re sure you’ll be saying it too. With a live view that can be programed with up to 3 different print options for your guests to choose from. Printing options that most others just can’t offer like green screen, custom layouts, and branding with your logo and information. We offer a high level of service that our competition just can’t match.

Like nobody else. Tweet your picture and message to the 523 people following you on Twitter®. Post your picture to brag to your “Friends” on Facebook®. Or just email it to yourself. Do just one or do them all and do it from the event. Get your picture on your smart phone before you leave the party. The options are endless and only limited by your imagination. Call us today 09159532691.

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